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Hyder Immigration Law is focused on assisting individuals, families and
employers in every aspect of their immigration and naturalization needs
and challenges.

Removal Defense Attorney

When facing the complexities of immigration law complicated by a potential deportation proceeding having a trusted partner in representation is of utmost importance. At Hyder Immigration Law, we pride ourselves on completely transparent representation where we put our clients first understanding the incredibly high stakes in the practice of removal defense. It is crucial to have a removal defense lawyer who really speaks to you about the nature of the situation you are in and the various potential obstacles that can occur in the process of deportation/removal.
We have a team of four experienced attorneys supported by a dedicated team who are committed to providing the highest quality removal defense. We are with you every step of the way and communicating with you each twist and turn the process takes in a way you can understand to allow you to make informed decisions about the various steps required in your removal defense case. We are removal defense attorneys who really put our clients first. We make sure our clients understand the pros and cons of the various decisions before them in each step of the removal defense process.

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I love the practice of immigration law. I know that my work helps other families to realize the same goals and dreams my immigrant parents held so dearly. This is in my blood.

Naureen F. Hyder


With Hyder Immigration Law by your side in your removal defense, you can be assured that you don’t have to navigate this very challenging process alone. We will be with you every step of the way answering each of your questions as you have them. Between the four attorneys at Hyder Immigration Law and the team that supports our removal defense attorneys, we are always able to address your concerns and really prioritize our mission of clients first.
We are the removal defense attorneys who understand the uncertainty of the removal defense process and our team has the expertise, knowledge, and commitment to provide you the most effective representation while also understanding the importance of your understanding the process.
Contact our removal defense attorneys today for a consultation, and let us share with you how we can support you through this process.
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It’s not complicated. The practice of law is about solving problems. Immigration law is about solving immigration related legal problems. To solve the problem, we must know the problem.

Call Naureen F. Hyder, today. “Tell me. What problem can I help you solve?”