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Hyder Immigration Law is focused on assisting individuals, families and
employers in every aspect of their immigration and naturalization needs
and challenges.

Humanitarian Immigration Richmond VA

Welcome to Hyder Immigration Law where our team strives to be an ally to you and your family in navigating the complex immigration law climate especially in the field of humanitarian immigration. Humanitarian immigration is an area of immigration law that not only requires the expertise and knowledge of the intricacies of immigration law, it also requires compassion and understanding for the particular situation of each client pursuing a humanitarian immigration path.

Our team at Hyder Immigration Law has a goal to stand with our clients each step of the way and help provide resources where our clients needs are outside the realm of immigration law.

The humanitarian immigration side of Hyder Immigration Law’s immigration practice strives to offer compassionate legal solutions to those in dire need of refuge and protection. We represent individuals who are asylum seekers facing persecution, special immigrant visas, refugees, or victims of crimes, each step of the way, we are here to provide unwavering support and expertise.

MEET Naureen F. Hyder

I love the practice of immigration law. I know that my work helps other families to realize the same goals and dreams my immigrant parents held so dearly. This is in my blood.

Naureen F. Hyder

Humanitarian Immigration SERVICES

Here at Hyder Immigration Law, our mission in every area of our practice but especially in the area of humanitarian immigration is to offer our clients compassion, experience, customized solutions, and most importantly, advocacy: we are fierce advocates for the rights and interests of our clients.

Our clients choose us for their humanitarian immigration needs because we practice with compassion and integrity. Contact us today to begin your journey 

At Hyder Immigration, we believe in the inherent dignity of every individual and the universal right to safety and security. Let us be your legal partner in your quest for a better future. Contact us today if you are in need of humanitarian immigration assistance. Together, we can create a path for a more hopeful tomorrow.

The following list represents only a portion of the areas in immigration and nationality law
Hyder Immigration Law serves.






It’s not complicated. The practice of law is about solving problems. Immigration law is about solving immigration related legal problems. To solve the problem, we must know the problem.

Call Naureen F. Hyder, today. “Tell me. What problem can I help you solve?”